Problem Space

Emergency room medical professionals have access to a mind-boggling amount of data and resources that they have to access quickly in order to provide the best possible care to their patients. The current technology landscape includes computer workstations, pagers and P.A. announcements.


Spruce is a device and application design concept for use in hospital emergency departments as a mediator between triage and the front-line care workers. A doctor was part of the design team and the utmost consideration was given to security and ensuring ease of use, as well as fitting into a medical professional’s workflow to ensure adoption.

Spruce is designed to be a small dual-screen, hand held touch-screen device that can create orders, look up medical history, check medical references, track bed flow, as well as a communication device between other members of the emergency department team. The device would act like a thin client, communicating through an intra-hospital wireless network as well utilizing fingerprint scanning, RFID reading for security.

After conducting usability evaluations, it received high marks for being a positive experience. While not taken past a few initial prototyping phases. The project garnered excitement from industry experts.