What’s the Scene

Composite What's the Scene screen images

Screen examples for What’s the Scene.

Problem Space

Most events such as concerts, trade shows or amusements parks are temporary in nature. These events often consist of multiple simultaneously occurring sub-events where some areas might be more appealing or interesting than others. The people that attend these events have useful information to share about what’s going on, but often have no interest in maintaining any further communication.


What’s the Scene? needed to be easy to use and intuitive, as well as allow users to quickly access its content without investing much time or navigating through long menu hierarchies. We designed What’s the Scene? as a location-aware iPhone application with a home screen that features a 1-10 rating, as well as a text box for entering short descriptions of their perceptions of a particular sub-event. After the rating is entered, the user has access to view all other users’ ratings that have been entered into the system within the last few hours overlaid on an interactive map that can be zoomed and dragged with the iPhone’s standard multi-touch interaction commands. We also included a search function to allow users to find ratings for other “scenes” outside their current location.