Heath Hauflaire
Product Design Director

Target Profile Builder

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One of the biggest bottlenecks to getting the right patient into the right clinical trial is the concept of eligibility criteria. Currently, eligibility criteria is very unstructured and difficult for automated processes to parse and use. We wanted a product that was easy enough that someone with domain knowledge could write a target profile with little training in less than 20 minutes.

Our approach at the Lilly Clinical Open Innovation Lab was to appropriately structure profiles at the time of creation by limiting the vocabulary that a person writing eligibility criteria (a.k.a. Target Profiles) and offering a structured series of simple decisions. At the end, the writer would have created a target profile that was both machine and human understandable. To reach our time goals, I focused heavily on efficiency of interactions and keyboard controls. We built the Target Profile Builder as a responsive web app prototype using Google’s web components platform, Polymer.

User Testing

We handily beat our 20 minute target and had several users building target profiles in the wild using the prototype, but ultimately the project was sunsetted.

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